Thumbnails Cloud

Turn boring document icons into image previews of 50+ file types.


The API generates JPG and PDF file previews for all common document formats, using a simple API. Get an API token for $8/mo for personal and small-scale projects, and create an unlimited number of preview images! For large-scale and enterprise licensing, please contact us.


The API supports a ton of formats, but here are some examples:

.doc example.docx example.eps example


URL structure:

Simply change jpg to pdf to get a PDF preview instead.

urlThe URL of the original document. Should be publicly available via HTTP or HTTPS. Make sure to urlencode your URL!
tokenYour API token. Sign up above.
sizePixel width of your thumbnail. Defaults to 600.
modeSpecify crop to get a square image, or orig to maintain original aspect ratio. Defaults to crop.

Supported file extensions

You can query the /v1/extensions endpoint to get an up-to-date overview of the supported file extensions. Note that this refers to the file types that can be converted into JPG, PDF support is currently slightly more limited.

How we handle your data

We care about privacy, and know that you might be using our API to create previews for potentially confidential documents. That's why we don't log the URLs of the documents you convert, nor do we keep the original documents after we've converted them.

We do however temporarily store the create preview image using on our CDN servers, to allow hot linking to dynamic previews, without having to recreate the preview image on every request. There is, however, no way for other users of the service to access a list of the files you converted through the API.

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