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Learning Some VimSeptember 3, 2023 – I finally decided to start learning some of the basics of vim, something that always seemed elusive to my focus. But I was also getting a bit sick of the confusing `nano` I usually use when quickly editing...Building a RSS Customizer ToolSeptember 1, 2023 – Vercel makes buying domains and deploying apps way too simple, which is how I end up building things like **** as soon as the idea enters my brain.Communicate, Navigate, AviateAugust 10, 2023 – Pilots learn a thing very early on in their training. It’s the phrase “aviate, navigate, communicate”. It teaches them to focus first on…Improving Content Quality by Using EXIF Image DataJuly 23, 2023 – Last week, we implemented some functionality in Street Art Cities where we’re reading the EXIF metadata from JPEG files uploaded to the…Digital Archival with RCloneJuly 16, 2023 – I got a notification the other day that my Dropbox storage was full. Weird, because I haven’t used my Dropbox account in about 5 years, but…Moving to Visual Studio CodeJuly 1, 2023 – I've been using PhpStorm as my de-facto IDE for about a decade now. I don't really write much PHP anymore, but it's just the IDE I've grown the most comfortable with. It has tons of features and an editor...Changing my Relationship with EmailJuly 1, 2023 – In the last year, I’ve switched from a partnerships-related role to a role that solely involves engineering leadership. Together with that,…Some Ideas from Get TogetherJune 30, 2023 – I've recently been reading the book Get Together. It's all about building communities around a hobby, habit or a product.Exploring FolksonomiesJune 26, 2023 – I've been getting very obsessed with tagging systems around the internet in the last couple of weeks. It all started with me thinking about a new tagging system for artworks on Street Art Cities, and...Moving over Street Art Cities to PMtiles and MapLibreGLJune 8, 2023 – Street Art Cities is basically one big map. Well, lot’s of individual maps.The power of `.toString()`June 2, 2023 – Using `.toString` on functions in JavaScript is a powerful way to create reflection-like behaviours.Building social features using DynamoDB and LambdaApril 8, 2023 – How we built a personalised feeds service and following using serverless on AWS.Returning to slower social mediaFebruary 6, 2023 – No more algorithmically generated feeds with something new every time you refresh, no companies fighting for your attention.Creating a Production-Ready Public API using ServerlessJanuary 1, 2023 – How to build an API using Lambda and API Gateway for use by external developers.Memories: The Relative ScoreDecember 28, 2022 – Lessons learned as a 16-year old entrepreneur about how simple product features can have a big impact.AWS re:Invent news for serverless developersNovember 30, 2022 – AWS re:Invent has brough many new AWS features. Here are the most interesting ones for serverless developers.Battery PoweredAugust 22, 2022 – It’s easy to forget how far batteries have come over the last years — but the Oura Ring is a great reminder of what’s possible now.Using AWS S3 as a simple cache serviceApril 16, 2022 – Using S3 as a simple caching mechanism for any stateless functions that need to save some ephemeral data to keep state.