Hi, I'm Thomas.

I build companies and tools to support small businesses and educators.

Alongside my work at NearSt, I consult founders and engineers on everything from setting up their first business to designing technology platforms.

Recent writings

My Second Day on the California ZephyrI woke up at around 6am after my first night's sleep on the train. It took me a few hours to get to sleep, but once my body was used to…My First Day on the California ZephyrOur train left Emeryville (just outside San Francisco, a 15 minute Uber from my hotel) a few minutes late. The train attendant, Mike, that…Upgrading Your AWS Lambdas to Node 20The Node 16 runtime on Lambda will be deprecated in June.Showing a Manage Subscriptions Button in React NativeIf you implement in-app purchases in your app, you might want to show users a way to manage that subscription by showing links to the App…Launching Flexible FeedI released my first Shopify app a few years ago. It’s called Flexible Fulfillment, and it helps store owners distribute orders to…View all →

What I'm working on