Hi, I'm Thomas.

I build companies and tools to support small businesses and educators.

Alongside my work at NearSt, I consult founders and engineers on everything from setting up their first business to designing technology platforms.

Recent writings

Creating Awesome Embeddable Scripts I was looking at a video about the new version of Apple's MapKit JS, their web maps library, and they showed how to initialise the SDK by loading the... Switching My Blog to Zola Switching from Next.js on Vercel to a much simpler site generated using Zola. Building Composable React Components Imagine you're building a component. You might add some props to control the appearance, like variant or size. You end up with a component… Pro Software for the iPad I've complained about it before, but I still don't understand the Apple pundits that come out every year when new iPads are released to… Writing JSDoc for React Components I'm starting to get into the habit of consistently writing JSDoc comments for our front-end components, which helps with explaining usage… View all →

What I'm working on