Hi, I'm Thomas.

I build companies and tools to support small businesses and educators.

Alongside my work at NearSt, I consult founders and engineers on everything from setting up their first business to designing technology platforms.

Recent writings

Running ESBuild in the BrowserSo, I found out the other day that it’s possible to run ESBuild – that tool you usually use for bundling Javascript and Typescript code…Learning Some VimI finally decided to start learning some of the basics of vim, something that always seemed elusive to my focus. But I was also getting a bit sick of the confusing `nano` I usually use when quickly editing...Building a RSS Customizer ToolVercel makes buying domains and deploying apps way too simple, which is how I end up building things like **feedfixer.xyz** as soon as the idea enters my brain.Communicate, Navigate, AviatePilots learn a thing very early on in their training. It’s the phrase “aviate, navigate, communicate”. It teaches them to focus first on…Setting Default Font Family in React NativeHere's the right, albeit hacky, way to set a default font in React Native 0.72.View all →