Hi, I'm Thomas.

I build companies and tools to support small businesses and educators.

Alongside my work at NearSt, I consult founders and engineers on everything from setting up their first business to designing technology platforms.

Recent writings

Building a Serverless Search Engine Using Fuse.jsUsing AWS S3 and Lambda to build a cheap and simple search engine.Going back to ObsidianBack in 2020 and 2021, I was a heavy user of personal knowledge management (PKMS) tools. Initially Roam Research, where I built up a graph…Advent of Code 2023Trying some new tool combinations this year with Jupyter Notebooks and Node.js.The iPad as a PlatformI've used an iPad since the very first year it was introduced. Me and my co-founder Dante managed to convince our school's headmaster that…Comparing Cypress and PlaywrightCypress and Playwright are both end-to-end testing frameworks, usually used to simulate user behaviour in front-end applications.View all →

What I'm working on