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Running ESBuild in the BrowserSeptember 16, 2023 – So, I found out the other day that it’s possible to run ESBuild – that tool you usually use for bundling Javascript and Typescript code…Setting Default Font Family in React NativeJuly 30, 2023 – Here's the right, albeit hacky, way to set a default font in React Native 0.72.Allowing ACLs for S3 Objects in CloudFormationJuly 25, 2023 – AWS has added a few new defaults for new S3 buckets to make it harder to create leaky buckets that put all of your company’s data out there…Setting Up Code Coverage Tracking in a MonorepoJuly 23, 2023 – There’s a lot of tools like Codecov to track code coverage. I don’t personally like these tools too much for simpler projects, where I just…Processing MDX into an OpenAPI specificationJuly 15, 2023 – Last night, I realised I wanted to set up a Postman collection for an API we have built. The easiest way to do this seemed to be to import…Producing PDF files in AWS LambdaJuly 9, 2023 – Something I’ve had to do a few times now is to generate PDF files in AWS Lambda. This could be anything from reports to invoices. My…Conventional Commits and Comments Cheat SheetJuly 6, 2023 – A quick overview of the Conventional Commits and Conventional Comments standards.FTP: Active vs Passive ModeJune 10, 2023 – I know the basics of how FTP works, but only this week I made sure I actually fully understand how the different modes of FTP work. Let’s…Setting up GitHub Actions to have access to your AWS accountMay 28, 2023 – GitHub Actions is the best CI/CD provider I've used so far. It is extremely flexible, and has really quickly caught up in terms of feature set with CI providers that existed for years before Actions was...Processing incoming email with AWS Simple Email ServiceMay 9, 2023 – Add reply-via-email functionality to your app using Amazon SES.Interceptors in AxiosApril 5, 2021 – Interceptors in Axios are a great tool to simplify your management of network requests.Serverless magic links with AWS CognitoJuly 27, 2020 – I've written before about what I consider to be best practices for magic links from a UX perspective. Recently, I got a chance to apply…Practical regular expressionsJuly 26, 2020 – Regular expressions (regex) are one of those topics that a lot of developers find difficult to get started with. I think that's not because…