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Showing a Manage Subscriptions Button in React NativeDecember 29, 2023 – If you implement in-app purchases in your app, you might want to show users a way to manage that subscription by showing links to the App…Building a Serverless Search Engine Using Fuse.jsDecember 3, 2023 – Using AWS S3 and Lambda to build a cheap and simple search engine.Running ESBuild in the BrowserSeptember 16, 2023 – So, I found out the other day that it’s possible to run ESBuild – that tool you usually use for bundling Javascript and Typescript code…Setting Default Font Family in React NativeJuly 30, 2023 – Here's the right, albeit hacky, way to set a default font in React Native 0.72.Allowing ACLs for S3 Objects in CloudFormationJuly 25, 2023 – AWS has added a few new defaults for new S3 buckets to make it harder to create leaky buckets that put all of your company’s data out there…Setting Up Code Coverage Tracking in a MonorepoJuly 23, 2023 – There’s a lot of tools like Codecov to track code coverage. I don’t personally like these tools too much for simpler projects, where I just…Processing MDX into an OpenAPI specificationJuly 15, 2023 – Last night, I realised I wanted to set up a Postman collection for an API we have built. The easiest way to do this seemed to be to import…Producing PDF files in AWS LambdaJuly 9, 2023 – Something I’ve had to do a few times now is to generate PDF files in AWS Lambda. This could be anything from reports to invoices. My…Conventional Commits and Comments Cheat SheetJuly 6, 2023 – A quick overview of the Conventional Commits and Conventional Comments standards.FTP: Active vs Passive ModeJune 10, 2023 – I know the basics of how FTP works, but only this week I made sure I actually fully understand how the different modes of FTP work. Let’s…Setting up GitHub Actions to have access to your AWS accountMay 28, 2023 – GitHub Actions is the best CI/CD provider I've used so far. It is extremely flexible, and has really quickly caught up in terms of feature set with CI providers that existed for years before Actions was...Creating a Production-Ready Public API Using ServerlessJanuary 1, 2023 – I've been working with serverless tech like AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway for quite a while now, but only recently was the first time I…Interceptors in AxiosApril 5, 2021 – Interceptors in Axios are a great tool to simplify your management of network requests.Serverless magic links with AWS CognitoJuly 27, 2020 – I've written before about what I consider to be best practices for magic links from a UX perspective. Recently, I got a chance to apply…Practical regular expressionsJuly 26, 2020 – Regular expressions (regex) are one of those topics that a lot of developers find difficult to get started with. I think that's not because…