About Me

I believe that good software can help people provide value in society. I don't believe software has intrinsic value, only serving a value as a tool to be used by people. That's why I love creating well designed user interfaces for real people and crafting tools for developers to build better software.

Looking for something fun to do whilst waiting for my mom, a primary school teacher, to finish grading her students’ homework, led me to start programming at age 11.

At age 16, I co-founded my first startup Scholica, which primarily focussed on created learning apps for K-12 education in The Netherlands, and later became part of Infowijs.

After high school, I moved to London to co-found NearSt, a company helping thousands of local stores be found online across the world.

I currently spend my time there building modern local commerce tools in my role as Head of Engineering, in addition to my work with Street Art Cities and Ministry of Urban Culture, and writing about tech on my website.

I'm available for consultancy and speaking engagements for topics like serverless architecture design, product strategy, developing for open source, and more.