Changing my Relationship with Email

In the last year, I've switched from a partnerships-related role to a role that solely involves engineering leadership. Together with that, it has changed how I think about a lot of tools that I use.

A simple one is my switch in task management - all my teams either use Linear or JIRA, so those issue trackers have become my main place for task management. This meant that my long history using Things has come to an end, because my other todo list needs have changed. Todoist seemed like a more natural fit in the new workflow.

Something similar is happening with my email. Whereas before a large chunk of my day was spent in my email client, I now sometimes go whole days without opening email on my laptop. I switched to using Superhuman a few years ago, and it made my email-heavy days so much more productive and less frustrating.

It seems overkill for my current email load though, but does have some built-in features that make it hard to replace, like the amazingly fast search and offline mode, read tracking and intelligent notifications.

Recently, I've been enjoying Mimestream, a native Mac client specifically built on top of the Gmail API, which is very enjoyable. Once they come out with a mobile app (next year?), I might finally cancel my very expensive Superhuman subscription.