Style Guide July 24th, 2023

Don't Use React Props for Theming

So we all know that in most cases, using the style prop is considered back practice in React:

<div style={{ color: 'red' }} />

Using a class name (if possible with CSS modules) is cleaner:

import styles from './`;

<div className={styles.alertContainer} />

But I think there’s also an important rule around using props to customise and apply styling that often gets overlooked:

const Icon = ({ name, color, size, className, ...props }) => {
	return (
			className={`icon-${name} ${className}`}
			style={{ width: `${size}px`, color }}

Instead, where possible, don’t introduce props like color and size, and only allow specifying a className prop.

This gives the user of the component a way to style the element, without the need to remember whether that prop was called size or width and if it takes a string or a number as the value. It’s easier to do this through CSS.