Local tech updates

Jul 1, 2023: Google To Shutter Buy On Google Program In US


Google sent merchants an email yesterday informing them that Buy on Google in the United States will be closing on September 26, 2023. Google is piloting a new feature to skip right to the checkout page for merchants, but the Buy on Google will be gone for Google Search, however, will remain on YouTube.

Google announcement (more on that new checkout button):

"We're excited about the streamlined checkout experience we introduced last year, wherein consumers who are ready to buy will have the option to go directly from a listing on Google to the checkout flow on your website. Once there, they will see the chosen product already in their shopping cart and can checkout on your site with whatever payment method they select."

Jul 1, 2023: Google Search Product Pricing Graph Over 3-Months


Similar to what Bing already has, and added to their Bing Chat this week:

Google is testing showing the price fluctuations of a product in a graph over a three-month period in the search results. We saw product pricing sliders but this is on a graph to show pricing changes over that time period.

Jul 1, 2023: Competitor/space updates

Other updates

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