They say your brain doesn't fully form until you turn 26. It certainly feels like that is correct. I feel like I've grown so much as a person in the last couple of months. I'm much more accepting who I am than I did a while ago.

I started my first company at age 16, and quickly became known as 'the tech guy' at my high school. Since then, I've been running from that title, trying to prove that I was more than just the tech guy. That served me well for a while, pushing myself to do loads of things slightly outside of my comfort zone.

I tried to become 'the partnerships guy'. I had some success in doing that as well. I built partnerships with some really cool companies, including getting a partnership with Apple for one of my companies, and building dozens of partnerships with other companies in the past year or two.

This year however, I realised I was finally done with providing that I'm not the tech guy. I am the tech guy. That has lead to me take on a role in my company that is unequivocally connected to being the tech guy, and it has made my working life so much easier.