Some Ideas from Get Together

I've recently been reading the book Get Together. It's all about building communities around a hobby, habit or a product. Here are some of my takeaways:

👉 "Design an experience that you can repeat frequently"

When starting a community, think not just about that first one-time meet up, but setting up something substantial that you can repeat.

  • "If what you do as a group amplifies what members experience alone, you're on your way to sparking a community."
  • "Meaningful human connections are sticky."

👉 "Create evergreen artifacts"

Have a clear version of our mission statement and origin story that is easy to access. Follow this structure to relate the mission back to individual members: self, us, now.

Explain what we're all a part of – why we're here today and what we're accomplishing by being here. Make clear: how can you get involved now? What's one small thing you can start doing?

  • "Pride about being part of a community is a captivating energy."

👉 "Establish rituals"

Even if you're not in the same room, knowing other people elsewhere are following the same ritual can be powerful. Doing the same actions as others makes you feel connected to them.

  • "Official members pay a small one time joining fee, which gets them a welcome pack, and the right to claim that they're an official member."

👉 Highlight community members

Use existing member's energy and stories to promote your community. Seek out new narratives and share them.