Pro Software for the iPad

I've complained about it before, but I still don't understand the Apple pundits that come out every year when new iPads are released to complain about the iPad software not supporting enough pro workflows - usually with the request to have some way to dual boot or virtualise macOS. On an iPad!

I really don't get why you'd want that. No experience of macOS is going to be better than using it on a Mac. Some small screen tablet with a suboptimal keyboard case is not the way I'd want to use macOS.

And I could imagine wanting it if Apple only made desktop PCs, but how could an iPad ever be a better way to use macOS than a MacBook? I honestly don't understand what gap in the market that would fill.

Apple themselves are responsible for some of this confusion, however, by releasing some of their own pro software for the iPad, implying it's more than just an amazing entertainment or work companion device. This is their classic attempt at trying to over-market their devices, and make it look like they're all the best way to do everything (similar to them heavily promoting gaming on the Mac and iPhone).