Pro Software for the iPad May 26, 2024 – I've complained about it before, but I still don't understand the Apple pundits that come out every year when new iPads are released to… The iPad as a Platform November 27, 2023 – I've used an iPad since the very first year it was introduced. Me and my co-founder Dante managed to convince our school's headmaster that… Getting Better at Holidays July 21, 2023 – I feel like im getting better at going on holiday and properly switching off from work. Watching Lives Unfold July 18, 2023 – It is amazing that this age of media has made it easier than ever to see what the lives of other people are like. Learning About the Tragedy of the Commons July 16, 2023 – I've been reading a few different things recently that have mentioned the concept of the Tragedy of the Commons. Now that the Trust is Over July 15, 2023 – I long back to an age of the internet I have never fully experienced myself. Goodbye, Apollo June 8, 2023 – About a month or two ago, Reddit announced that they are going to start charging for their API, in a move that seems if not inspired by… Why only Apple can pull this off June 5, 2023 – The device announced today by Apple is a very niche device. A first generation, something that – even with its Apple-classic polished… Rough consensus June 3, 2023 – I’m reading the wonderful book Working In Public by Nadia Eghbal, and there is a reference in there to a note from the Internet Engineering… Preparing for Apple WWDC 2023 June 3, 2023 – I wonder how Monday’s event will make me feel about Apple as a whole.