Thought November 27th, 2023

The iPad as a Platform

I've used an iPad since the very first year it was introduced. Me and my co-founder Dante managed to convince our school's headmaster that our class should really get iPads to use the e-learning platform we had built, and weirdly the school agreed.

I didn't have an iPad for a while after high school, until I bought one a little over a year ago in an attempt to stop bringing my MacBook home with me from work and still have a screen to watch hours of YouTube videos on at home.

Relatively quickly, I caved and bought a Magic Keyboard folio for it, which turns the iPad into a full PC with a keyboard and trackpad. It's impressive how much this levels up the experience to make it a very pleasant blogging device.

Then, with the introduction of Stage Manager, it became a full platform. I currently have it hooked up to a monitor that is showing my Obsidian vault, a Safari window, and a YouTube video, whilst writing this post in Drafts. Unbelievable that you can do this on a device that's about half a centimetre thick.

And whelp, there goes my good intention of spending less time behind a computer by not bringing my MacBook home from work 😁