Why only Apple can pull this off

The device announced today by Apple is a very niche device. A first generation, something that – even with its Apple-classic polished aluminium and organic shapes – feels more like a prototype than a consumer product.

I've been very sceptical about AR and VR being the next big thing. Meta's Horizon Workrooms made me laugh. But whilst listening to the presentation today, this line struck me:

And of course, Vision Pro is always in sync. All your notes, messages and documents stay automatically in sync with iCloud.

This is why Apple can make this work, unlike Meta. They already have the infrastructure we use for work, our photos, notes and email, in the same apps, across all devices. That, if the hardware is good enough, can make this a thing people actually start using for work.

I'm still skeptical, but I won't be surprised if I own a future generation of this device in two or three years – once they get rid of that tether wire and battery pack.

Side note: what do other people see when they're FaceTiming you as you wear this?